Sunday, February 9, 2014

Short Story

It was a hot August day at the beach I had my best friend Katlyn with me for once! It was the first time I had seen her since the summer of junior year. We were both so happy she finally moved closer to me, and away from the dry weather in  Kentucky. The water was at a low tide. I could see the water met the bright orange horizon. My heals hit the blistering sand first, then my toes. My dark brown hair was blowing with the cool breeze. The same summer breeze that makes your hair have that special wave to it. We looked at each other, I could see her bright blue eyes shimmering in the sunlight. “This is the summer” said Katlyn. Her blond highlights were showing through her bright red hair. We raced to the beach. I won of course and dipped my hair in the icy cold water off of Miami beach.
‘ This is the summer leading into our senior year. The last summer break of high school. This is the summer I will find him the love of my life. This is the summer of parties and the truth will come out, I will find my real friends’ I thought to myself. Instantly as I thought this Katlyn turned to me I saw her eyes light up she whispered in my right ear “6 o’clock”. I turned around fast enough so I could see him, but not too fast so I would bring attention to myself. I saw HIM. His bright blue eyes, the abs, taller than me by about an inch, he looked smart but not too smart, he didn’t look like a jerk. He seemed perfect. He turned away. In the slight glimpse I got of him I knew  he was the one. The one I wanted to be with forever.
A million thoughts started running through my head. ‘ Do I just go talk to him, what if he thinks i’m weird, do I smell okay, what if I fall, am I blushing, I look bad, what if he finds me annoying.’  As this all ran through my head the waves pulled my body out into the ocean more. I didn’t feel the current pulling me. I fell backwards straight into him. He caught me. He was strong!  
I looked up. I felt my face get hot as it turned rosie red. “ Hi there!” he said. His voice was deep. “ I...I...I’m soo sorry I didn’t mean to hit you I let the current pull me and it pulled me into you I’m soo.” I stammered out. “I’m Tristan, Tristan Rolla” he said. “I’m Bailee, Bailee Broyles.” I said, still blushing. “ So Bailee, instead of standing here in the blistering sun, do you want to go grab a bite to eat?” Tristan said in his cute low voice. I felt my face get red again. “Of course I will.” I was so excited.
He grabbed my right hand and started out of the water. The hot sand began to stick on my feet. He looked me in the eyes, grabbed my waist and picked me up. He carried me in his strong, comforting arms all the way up to the showers. We both rinsed off our feet in the icy cold water of the shower. I never thought he would actually like me, or be this nice! He was probably the nicest guy I ever thought of liking. “ where exactly do you want to go? Do you want to go out or..?” He asked me. “ Lets just go for a walk, learn more about each other..” I answered. He nodded. We started to walk along the beach. “ Question Game?” I asked. “Absolutely” He replied immediately.
There always had been a thing with Miami guys and the question game. I don’t know if it was because they could ask whatever they wanted to, or because we have to answer everything they asked us. “You first” I said, only because guys always go first, it’s like an unwritten rule. “Okay, do you live around here?” Tristan asked. “ Yes I do, I live right on Miami beach! Do you?” I replied quickly. “Yes, I just moved into a house on Miami beach, but no repeats!” Tristan said in his cute voice. “ Fine, fine. What grade are you going into and at which school?” I replied hesitantly. “south shore high, you?” I smiled as he said this. “Me too!” I replied quickly. “ We are going to be close, but it is getting pretty dark out, we should probably head back.” He said with a disappointed expression. “I guess we should, but I’m going to this bonfire tonight and I was kind of wondering if…” He cut me off. He leaned in and kissed me. Not just a peck but not like completely making out. Sparks flew, I felt my face get bright red, the fireworks started above us. I thought it must have been a dream. I love fourth of July.
That is how it all started. Now him Tristan Rolla and I Bailee Broyles are surrounded by friends and family. Exactly seven years to the day we met. Him in a nice black tux with a purple bow tie. Myself with my flowy white lace dress and curled ombre hair. Now we stand in front of the priest, a flower girl Karley with her little white dress, bridesmaid Katlyn rocking the purple dress, and the best man, my mother sitting in the front row crying, all of our friends from high school, and a skype call of his father who is overseas saying the two best words ever in one's relationship.
“I do”

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